Passion for digital solutions with the user in mind.


PM & Concept

I am a digital project manager having a passion for creating user-centered
concepts and striving for great usability.


The past years I have been working in different agencies with focus on developing websites and apps for a variety of clients and their needs.

Find out more about my work experiences on Xing or LinkedIn.

Aside from my job, I love art. By visiting exhibitions and art spaces, I find a lot of inspiration and new energy for the everyday challenges. To spread some love for art, I created the facebook group „Ausstellungen in Wien” in 2010, which is focused on current openings and exhibitions in Vienna, Austria.

After so many years of working in agencies, jumping from one project to another, it is time for a new challenge. I would love to make new experiences by working on products with a longterm perspective.

Topics I’m most interested in:

Usability in digital projects (Web / App)

Exceptional design solutions

User-centered approaches

Digital Education for Children

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